Immerse yourself in an extraordinary city-wide exhibition showcasing Dr Christian Thompson AO profound exploration of identity and culture through powerful photographic works. Bidjara artist Thompson challenges established narratives, shedding light on the intricate layers of identity within marginalised communities.

Presented exclusively at Brisbane Powerhouse, experience Thompson’s latest creations alongside select works from his oeuvre, transformed into larger-than-life installations throughout the city. This outdoor exhibition will feature a stunning hero piece at the Brisbane Powerhouse façade, inviting you to delve into Thompson’s heritage and visionary artistic expression.

Join us for a celebration of art, heritage, and contemporary dialogue as Christian Thompson AO unveils his specially commissioned outdoor exhibition, promising a fusion of cultural depth and modern creativity. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with Thompson’s unique perspective and explore an unforgettable artistic journey through Brisbane’s urban landscape.

DATES: 16 October – 10 November 2024

This project is supported by Tim and Gina Fairfax.
Presented by Brisbane Powerhouse

"I think of them more as conceptual anti-portraits than self-portraits. My physical head and shoulders simply provide a template, something that I’m just constantly building on top of. I’m always looking for materials: what I’m reading or listening to, where I am. It’s very much connected to that kind of research, but it’s also connected to whatever is in the ether at that moment…. While I’m interested in portraiture – I don’t consider my work as portraiture because that suggests that I’m trying to portray myself, my own visage, my own image. I employ images, icons, materials, metaphors to capture an idea and moment in time. There are many different things at play; taking a picture of myself is really the last thing that’s on my mind."