Making their way Down Under this year is the ultimate coven of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s top horror queens, the belles of the ball and sovereigns of scream. We’ve gathered them to create our most sickening selection of queens ever to tour with us. And I mean EVER. We’re taking the death drop to a whole new level, gurl, and launching SCREAM QUEEN, the scariest way to see in the party season.


  • Katya ZamolodchikovaThe biggest drag artist in the world 
  • Angeria Paris VanMichealsCurrent season of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9 
  • Morphine Love DionRupaul’s Drag Race Season 16 
  • Marina SummersRupaul’s Drag Race Philippines & UK V’s The World 
  • MirageRupaul’sDrag Race Season 16 
  • Kween KongRupaul’s Drag Race Down Under 
  • Lazy SusanAustralian Drag Star

Fly your flag and be there for MAMA.

Slasher paint and broomstick optional. So come with a LEWK. Try to make us scream. Show us who you are (or who you want to be), then carry on well into the weekend with official SCREAM QUEEN after parties in every state. Dust off your ouija board and polish up those voodoo pins, you’ll be needing them for a night of horror, mayhem and memories made like never before. 
It’s not every year we qweens get to scream like this. Don’t let yours be because you’ve missed out.

Presented by In The Dark